piano, organ, percussion, compose, arrangement



ピアノの打楽器的な側面を生かしつつメロディアスに音をつむぎ、大学で学んだ聴覚心理学を生かし、心と身体に響く音のデザイン「Multipul Music Design(多角的な音楽デザイン)」を提唱し続けている。



演奏・レコーディング・アレンジ等のご依頼などは こちら よりお問合せ下さい。

works / sounds

「La vie en Rose」 from 『TRI-ANGLE / Yukitaka Nagami』
arrangement & all instruments by Yukitaka Nagami
...except harmonica

「ITO」 from 『ito / Mari Miyamoto』
arrangement & all instruments by Yukitaka Nagami

「回帰」 from 『ito / Mari Miyamoto』
arrangement & all instruments by Yukitaka Nagami

「Dazzlingly Beautiful / Akiko Nakashima」 from 『KOYUKI WONDERLAND』
mix, mastering, arrangement & all instruments by Yukitaka Nagami
...except koto

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Yukitaka NAGAMI

Birthplace: Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan
Began learning piano at age 5

1995: Graduated from Kyushu Institute of Design (major in acoustic design)
1996: Began his career as a professional jazz pianist
1998: Moved to New York and learned piano from Barry Harris
1999: Learned to play sabar, a percussion instrument, from Doudou Ndiaye Rose and his family in Senegal
2000: Performed with Cleve Douglass, a jazz vocalist from New York, at Blue Note Fukuoka
2001-2003: Appeared in the musical “The Lion King” by Shiki Theater Company
2004: Appeared on the EBS (Korea) television program “ASIA MUSIC FESTIVAL”
2005: Performed at the opening concert in NGO global village of EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN
2006: Released the first solo album “Michishirube (Milestone)”
2008: Released the second solo album “Tsuki-akari Hoshi-akari (Moonlight & Starlight)”
2010: Released the third solo album “TRI-ANGLE”
2016: Released the 4th solo album “KAGAMI”
2017: Released the 5th solo album “LUZ”
2017: Released the 6th solo album “PLAISIR”
2018: Released the 7th solo album “CALM”

Nagami has been playing as a pianist (piano, Hammond organ) mainly in jazz.
He also plays various percussion instruments like sabar, the folk instrument in Senegal, and has a great knowledge of folk music in Asia, Africa, Brazil, and Latin America. He has played on several occasions with the local musicians.

He often plays piano improvisations with calligraphers, yoga swamis and other artists in various areas, while working as a member of his own group or as a solo pianist.
He is not only focused on computerized music productions, but actively writes songs for films, radio programs or theaters, making an all-round appeal.